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Shop Used Cisco Routers 24/7 at and get FREE SHIPPING options at checkout! is your premier online reseller of high-quality used networking equipment. We have a huge online inventory of used Cisco, particularly used Cisco routers and used Cisco switches. We also have a very large inventory of used Juniper Networks, Foundry, Adtran, Extreme and Paradyne. All our gear is cleaned, fully tested by manufacturer certified technicians and covered by our industry leading 1-year warranty standard for end users. Dealers receive a standard 120-day warranty with extended warranty options available for purchase.

We know you are tired of shopping for used Cisco routers on the web and constantly being forced to request a quote from a merchant who won't give you an upfront price. Almost all the used routers and used switches you see on our store will have a solid price ready to be purchased.

While we often have new or near new routers and switches in stock, our goal is to offer high quality alternatives to new, with pricing as low as 50%-90% off of retail list. Nearly all the gear you see on our site is in stock and ready to ship or in bound to us within 24 hours.

We work hard to make sure you get what you need fast. We offer a wide variety of shipping and payment methods and usually ship instock items the same day we receive payment. Back order items are shipped immediately upon receipt, and if we can't ship within 24 hours from the first business day your order is received, you will be notified and given a chance to cancel your order.

At the end of the day, we want you to leave feeling like you got a competitive price and superior quality merchandise and service. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Buying used Cisco Routers can save you money.

Why pay for new equipment and routers when you can save money and buy refurbished equipment from We guarantee that our used Cisco routers and switches will function as they were intended by the manufacturer.


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DES/3DES/AES/SSL VPN Encryption/Compression

In stock

Aironet 1410 Wireless Bridge w/ N-Type Connector, FCC Cnfg

In stock

3825 w/AC PWR, 2GE,1SFP, 2NME, 4HWIC, IP Base, 64F/256D

In stock

Cisco CP7960G IP Phone Global

In stock

ADSL SOHO Router with 802.11g FCC Compliant

In stock

Cisco 877 Security Bundle with Advanced IP Services

In stock

ME C3750 24 10/100+2SFP+2SFP ES Prt (DC-pwr): Std ME SW Img

In stock

Catalyst 2960 24 10/100 (8 PoE)+ 2 1000BT LAN Base Image

In stock

Catalyst 3560 48 10/100/1000T + 4 SFP Standard Image

Item on backorder. Ships in 3-5 days.

Catalyst 6500/Cisco 7600 Supervisor 720 Fabric MSFC3 PFC3B

In stock

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